Baden-Baden, Germany

9 June 2016

Followed by the 13th EASE Conference, 10-12 June, 2016, Strasbourg, France


Dear colleagues, 

We are pleased to invite and welcome you to the next IAVE meeting on June 9 at Baden-Baden in Germany. The meeting takes place one day before the 2016 EASE meeting at Strassbourg in France. Strassbourg is just a one hour trip away from Baden-Baden. 

The famous spa of Baden-Baden is located in the south west of Germany at the wine Baden region on the hillsides of the Black Forest near the River Rhine and the border to France. By car, Baden-Baden is on the A5 motorway from Frankfurt to Basel. There is a direct train connection (1.5 h) from Frankfurt International Airport. The regional Baden Airport is only 20 min away, and connects Baden-Baden directly to Berlin, Hamburg, London and Rome, and, via Berlin, to other European capitals. Our meeting place in Baden-Baden is the historic villa Palais Biron, lying just outside the city centre on the Lichtental alley. 

We made reservations for expected 25 delegates at the "Hotel am Sophienpark" which is situated in the city center. The rooms are blocked until March 2016. Afterwards delegates must book via the common booking sites.

So come to Baden-Baden, attend a unique IAVE meeting, benefit from an interesting scientific programme and enjoy the famous spa. Find more information, see the "city movie" in your language on www.baden-baden.de

Best regards,

Dr. Hans D. Lauk

Editor, Pferdeheilkunde, Equine Medicine

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